Monday, 22 February 2016

My IISc Interview Experience

My IISc interview MSc (CSA) in June 2015 –

Before interview there was written test. Though I don't remember it's contents now, it was very easy for someone who have prepared seriously for GATE ! Had total 10 questions.

Interview experience for Intelligent systems (Selected, but did not score good marks in interview, so was not in top 7, so no admission)
  •  Tell about your selected subjects -> Discrete Math’s, Data Structures & Algorithm
  •  You need to select one subject from Probability & Linear Algebra, as you are applying for intelligent systems => Okay. I am good in Discrete Probability. So that one I am ready to answer.
  •  Write a program to reverse a singly linked list
  •  Tell us time complexity of the program
  •  Asked about which fun is big Oh of which fun =  f1 = n , f2 = loge en , here n was some complicated function. Ans => Both are same, n = loge en both are big oh of each other.
  •  Asked about Binomial probability distribution
  •   What is binomial probability distribution
  •  Formulate it on the board -> I formulated it on the board. I stuck at some point, was given hint & I got it.
  • Meaning of  P(A|B) , Few questions on Conditional Probability
  • Independent events, derived formula for independent events on board= > P(A AND B) = P(A) * P(B)
  • Ask about experience about Job & BE project, Job profile etc.
Interview lasted for about 45+ minutes (This happened 1 year ago & I forgot few questions I think)
I thought it was success. I was even shortlisted at (My id => 15104640) . Though I was not ranked high enough (Due to I was not good in Continuous Probability & Linear Algebra) . So I did not get final admission. (My rank was like 11th or 12th & they had just 7 seats for MSc (Eng.) in CSA - IISc.
Points to take =>
  1.  If you are not good in Mathematics, Do not apply for intelligent systems area or any mathematical area in IISc. Instead apply for Computer Systems area- like Database, Operating Systems.
  2.  Do well research, remember if you apply for area like Machine Learning, AI, then you must face questions on Linear Algebra or Continuous math’s. Be prepared in at least one of this topic. That is important .
Of course this interview did not end up the way I wanted with admission to IISc, but finally I got courage to try again for GATE 2016! I did not get admission interview call for any other institute apart from IISc CSA due to less than 70% which is required for General category. I got call in IISc SERC, but I could not qualify in Test round itself!